I Gotchu Bro

Who are we?

Short answer: Ashley Bro, Vinnie, and our dog Koda

Long answer: After I graduated college, I got a job in the business industry. I worked in the corporate world for 5 years, then woke up one morning and realized I wasn't happy. I knew something had to change and I needed to take the step to do something for myself.

I Gotchu Bro was born out of the idea that we all f@#k up. Have you ever forgotten someones birthday? How about your anniversary? Sometimes we need a little help to fix those mistakes and to make amends with those we may have screwed over.

Ever been told by your significant other about a birthday party that you were invited to but it's in 3 days and you have no gift or card? Need a last minute gift for the baby shower you totally forgot about? How about bridesmaids proposals (because that's a thing now)?

I Gotchu Bro is the one stop shop to find cards and gifts to fix those f@#k ups and last minute get togethers, while still being handmade, unique, and funny.


So next time you find yourself in hot water, don't worry. I Gotchu Bro!

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